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Beyond Velocity Pty Ltd is a software development startup inspired by the idea that through efficient processes, skills and diligence, quality software can be delivered on time and budget. We seek to be simple, direct and efficient.

Whether you're looking for an end-to-end solution, or modifications and enhancements to an existing product or service, or simply some extra hands on deck to help finish a project, we can help. Your success is our success.


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With decades of industry experience our team has the knowledge and skills to build your product, from project initiation to completion. We will work with you all the way, ensuring we deliver maximum business value as efficiently as possible. We also provide contracting services.

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Real-time Systems

The more recent information is, the more valuable, especially in monitoring and real-time decision making systems. We can build your product to collect, communicate, store and present information representing real events as they occur.

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eLearning is great for empowering students through communication and remote learning, training staff in company procedures, or maintaining certification levels throughout the company. Our core competency is in building eLearning systems.